Becoming a LashKingdomPro Brand Ambassador

Would you like to represent LashKingdomPro as a Brand Ambassador? Are you a lash artist who is dedicated to elevating our industry? We started our ambassador program to work with other artists who are leaders and influencers in the lash world. We are a diverse company and work with artists from all over the globe that are dedicated to our brand and lashing philosophy.

What does a LashKingdomPro Brand Ambassador do?

You help spread the lash love by posting about our brand on social media and tagging us. You represent the LashKingdomPro brand by answering questions and becoming a leader and influencer in your area. Help promote products and classes in your area. Give feedback on new products and training ideas.

What do you get for spreading love as a LashKingdomPro Brand Ambassador?

Our LashKingdomPro Brand Ambassadors get significant discounts on products and trainings year-round. Our LashKingdomPro promotors will get gift. Be promoted on our social media, website and events. Appear in videos and photos representing LashKingdomPro. Receive marketing materials and support.

What are the details in becoming a LashKingdomPro Brand Ambassador?

You must represent a positive attitude about the brand and have a professional in-person and online image. Positive vibes only please.

Be active on all social media by posting once a week about LashKingdomPro, not limited to, but including, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

The ability and desire to attend our events and trade shows. Give us feedback on the products sent to you.

Drop an email to info@lashkingdom-pro.com to register your interest and apply to be an ambassador.