Wet Antiseptic Disposable Disinfection Wipes


  • 1 Box – 100pcs
  • Soft & Comfortable Texture
  • Individual Packaging
  • Soft Agains Skin
  • 75% Ethyl Alcohol


Wet Antiseptic Disposable Disinfection Wipes

Use range: Can be used for cleaning tweezers, any tools used for beauty procedure, keyboard, mobile phone, office supplies, portable supplies

Tip: Alcohol content changed from 70% to 75%

Effect: Alcohol can kill Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and various bacterial propagules such as and yeast pathogenic fungi


1. Single product specification 5*5cm

2. After using this product for wiping and disinfecting, it will be completely volatilized and no residue after about 30 seconds

3. Easy to use and carry – single piece of independent packaging, just need to simply tear the package, you can use it to disinfect the wounds and instruments

4. Wide-use, long-term storage in special packaging (three-year shelf life), suitable for staying.


1. For external use only

2. Single-chip use, please discard after use

3. Avoid contact with the eyes

4. Please keep out of reach of children

Package contains: 1 Box includes 100pcs


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